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Natural Stone Granite Tiles & Slabs

Granite is volcanic (or Igneous) rock. When molten material from the Earth's core called "magma" comes up to just beneath the Earth's surface and cools, it becomes Granite. Granite is very hard and extremely durable. It has a very grainy structure and can be polished well. This type of stone comes in a variety of colors ranging from salt and pepper to reddish brown to jet black.

Granite comes from the quarry in the following sizes:

Slab: (3/4" to 1" thick) 3'x6' to 7'x10' (Avg 4'x8')

Tile: (3/8" to 3/4" thick) 6"x6" to 24"x24" (Avg 12"x12")

Granite is available in several finishes including:

Granite Selection:

verde fantasticolabradorite bluemeteorus polishedazul_bahiablues_in_the_night_leathermeteorus_brushed._black_forest_leather_bianco_romanomadura_goldblack_forest_brushedforest_brown_leather_yellow_bamboo._bamboo_greenmascalzone_latinosolariusspectrus_imperial_gold_aurus_juparana_classicomascarello_arandis_dark.purple_dunes_persa_bluearandis.crema_bordeauxjuparana_bordeaux.tropical_treasuresunset_redred_montana_sunset_red.jpcrema_montanatropical_treasure_labradorite_blue_leather_finishazul_paladioemerald_pearlbrass_blueazul_platinonero_marinacecobalt_blueblue_eyesnero_fossilocean_fantasyvolga_blue.azul_platinobrown_antique_appolusmascarello.golden_beachpersagolden___silvercasablancagolden rusticrain forest_forest_greenbianco anticocarajasbianco romanojupurana tigerwhite piracemawhite_kinawamillenium creamcella doratamanhattan greengreen galaxyverde bamboolemon ice green waveverde marinacegreen peacetropical greenverde venturabellagio labradorite austra_emerald_greenjade_greenwild seabaltic browngiallo porto finosanta cecilanew venetian goldcarioca goldgiallo anticosanta ceciliagiallo  montegolden garnetverde venizianoverde butterflygiallo fioritotan browntropical brownblack impalablue pearlemerald pearllapiduscabalaamazon starrose woodjuparana sunsetcolombo goldsanta ceciliacasa blancagolden oakvyaramadura goldgolden silvercasablancagolden rusticrain forestforest greenbianco anticocarajasbianco romanojuparana tigerwhite picemawhite kinawamillenium creamcella doratamanhathan greengreen galaxyverde bamboolemon icegreen waveverde marinacegreen peacetropical greenverde italiatyphoon greenverde venturabellagiolabradorite austraemerald greenjade greenwild seabaltic browngiallo portofinosanta cecilanew venetian goldcarioca  goldgiallo antico santa cecilliagiallo montecarlogolden garnetverde venizianogreen butterflygiallo fioritotan browntropical brownimpala blackblue pearlemerald pearllapiduscabala amazon starrose  woodjuparana sunsetcolombo gold

Finish  Edges (basic finishing)

Please contact us for more complex  styles of edges     e.g (double ogee .waterfall etc..)

bevelease edgefull bullnosehalfbevelradius/ogeeqbevel

mocha glazedvanilla glazedantique whitecherry glazedchocolate glazedfrench antiquehoney maple

Knobs and Pulls

All hardware is special order please inquiry within for a full list of items

Please look at our partner ( Hardware Resources for more Styles ) http://www.hardwareresources.com/



Accents, Murals , Borders , Trims & Moldings.

Notes & Ideas !

1 1/2" x 8"  Torello 3" x 8" Wall Accent Strip 4" x 12"  Wall Accent Strip 6" x 6"Field Tile12" x 12" Floor Tile18" x 18" 

1X 83 X 8 torello4 x 12 wall accent strip6 x 6 field tile12 x 12  floor field tile

Wall Bullnose

Field Tile12" x 12" Floor Tile18" x 18" 

 8" x 10" and 6" x 6" suitable for residential kitchens & bathrooms .
Wall accents suitable for wall use only,!
  Appropriate use on residential 

High gloss ceramics  (Water, oil, grease, etc. create slippery conditions)·

one piece wine tumbleone piece backsplash tumblebronze engl ivy borderbronze engl ivy deco insertbronze field tilepewter field tilevertical leaves railbasket weave deco borderbeige mocha deco borderresin accent stripbeige mocha rope deco borderspanish deco ceramicgold multicolor slatespanish wall trim

Fixtures and Sinks


Undermount Double Bowl Stainless Steel Sink

stainless steel undermount sink  Also carry on Left hand

Kitchen Fixtures

single handle brznsingle handle pullout kitchenpegasus with spray

Bathroom & Tub fixtures

vanity fixturesbrzn shower faucet kholer shower systemshower fixture hamptonspegasus 1100


Contractors and Builders Welcome.
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